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6 Things To Think About When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

Choosing your baby’s name is an experience in itself. Names are powerful. A baby’s name will become their identity for a lifetime. It makes great sense that parents should give baby names enough thought. You should consider many things while thinking about a name for your baby.

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Consider your priorities when deciding on your child’s name- religion, tradition, family name or something in between. Only parents can choose the perfect name for their child, but there are some suggestions to keep in mind when naming your child. Keep reading to learn more.

How Popular Is Your Baby’s Name?

You must have noticed that you know many Georges or Noahs in your circle. It’s because these names are extremely popular and commonly taken. If you want to avoid your kid having a common name and instead a unique one, you should keep this point in mind while choosing your baby’s name. You can search online. There is a wealth of information on the list of popular names available on the internet. 

Name Blending

Baby names can be generated by combining two or more names. Baby combinations or name blending is getting popular these days, combining elements of the mother’s and father’s names into one name for the infants. If parents want to keep their names separate, they can also mix the names of other family members, including grandparents. Combining your family’s names is an intriguing idea as it reflects the bond between two families and gives your baby’s name a special customised touch.

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Check Names From Your Family Tree

You can always dig a bit deeper into your family tree when choosing your baby’s name. Most family trees have at least one or two unique names. You may find a special name from your great, great grandfather. It is also a great way to honour your family ancestry. Additionally, a family name has a special value attached to it. 

Do You Want The Name To Be Culturally Inclined?

Choosing an ethnic or cultural name for your baby is a good idea to celebrate the tradition. Many parents embrace their culture, and picking cultural names can be a priority for them. Especially if your child is raised in a culture different from yours, the name you choose for your child must reflect your cultural history. 

Religion Can Be Important To Some When Choosing Your Baby’s Name

For parents who are religiously inclined or spiritual, a great way to prioritise this aspect is by giving their baby a religion-inspired name. For example- many children are named after saints. Names can be based on various religious factors such as the name of a follower of Christ, blessing, prayer, name of a holy place and so on. Alternatively, you can also choose names from the literary genres, such as Alice from “Alice in wonderland” or Hazel from “The fault in our stars”. One good idea is always to read the novel that is your inspiration for the name. Although Lux, from The Virgin Suicides, may sound fancy, the storyline isn’t an apt one. In The Virgin Suicides, Lux poisons herself with carbon monoxide in the garage after having sex on the roof in front of the neighbourhood boys. Oh, this isn’t how you want your baby to get famous!

Pass Down Your Relative’s Name To Honour Them

Passing down a loved one’s name shows respect and gratitude for an inspirational family member. This way, your child’s name will have a meaning and a story. Additionally, you can pass down your family’s legacy to the child.

Put yourself in your baby’s shoes! Remember, this will be your child’s identity for a lifetime, and names can play a huge role in how society will perceive them.

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