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How to throw a fantastic children’s birthday party

We have been in lockdown for almost a year now and that means that a lot of children have had to face birthdays at home. While we are coming close to being out of restrictions, if your child has a birthday coming up then you are going to want to celebrate it in style and throw a great children’s birthday party.

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While restrictions might mean that you can’t invite as many people as you might have otherwise liked, it doesn’t mean that your child can’t have the party that they want.

There are many ways that you can throw a great children’s birthday party. Here are some top tips…

Think of a theme for your children’s birthday party

When it comes to throwing the perfect children’s birthday party you are going to want to think of the perfect theme. Whether you are looking for top disney party ideas for children, a colour theme or something else that they are currently obsessed with there are so many things you can do. One great theme for a children’s birthday party is a pirate theme, complete with eye patches, treasure maps, and of course, the iconic pirate hats. The pirate hat is an essential accessory for any young pirate and adds a touch of adventure to the party. With the right decorations and music, you can create a fun and exciting pirate-themed party that your child and their friends will never forget. You could theme everything from the food to the decorations, outfits and music – your child is sure to love it! Be sure to get plenty of photos on the day for you to look back on!

Plan activities and games beforehand

To throw a perfect kids’ party you should certainly have some activities and games planned. If your party is going to be held outdoors, you can organize creative games like bucket balls, musical chairs, treasure hunts, tossing games, etc. You may even opt for custom blow-up inflatables both for other game ideas. Having inflatable waterslides, or bouncy houses will also entertain the kids perfectly. They will have huge fun in the bouncy fun houses. 

Check out Pinterest or blogs for children’s birthday party ideas

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration whether you are looking for ideas of how to bake the cake, decorate the room or put together a costume. It is a good idea to make a few different boards so you can reference them and have plenty of ideas to utilise. There is also a whole host of blogs out there which specialise in parties and can advise on how best to throw a children’s birthday party and ideas you might not have thought of. Like How to make a Peppa Pig cake in 10 easy steps.

white birthday cake with candles on in front of some colourful bunting on a blue wall for a children's birthday party

Have a drive by 

It can be difficult not being able to see as many family and friends as you normally would on your child’s birthday, so why not surprise your little one with a drive by? Ask your family and friends to drive past the house in their car, or come and say hello and drop off a gift to your doorstep. This should put a smile on their face!

Speak with friends and family on Zoom

Zoom is a great way for your child to catch up with those that you are unable to see at their party. You could do this before or after, or even theme the party around Zoom with different activities. Have your family and friends dress up and decorate their homes to do with the theme as well and you can all sing Happy Birthday while your child blows the candles out on their cake. It also means everyone can see your little one open their presents and makes it more of a big deal for them.

These are just a few top tips for how to throw a great children’s birthday party. By doing these your child is sure to have a party that they will always remember for all the right reasons. What are some top tips you have for throwing the perfect party? Let me know in the comments below.

How to throw a children's birthday party PIN with three boys looking at a lego cake

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