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What to Keep in Mind When Looking for Australia’s Best Home Coffee Maker

If you cannot get through the day without coffee, then it’s time to invest in your own home coffee maker. There are so many on the Australian market that it can be overwhelming trying to choose just one that meets your needs. No need to worry! In this guide, we’ll take you through useful tips to keep in mind when considering your home coffee machine Australia options.

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Tips to Consider When Buying A Home Coffee Maker

We found that high-quality coffee makers in Australia cost 180+ AUD. As a general rule, the more you spend the better the machine will be, especially in terms of build quality and longevity. Given how much a cup of Joe costs in a café every day, your new coffee maker could pay for itself within just a few months. With that said, here are the most important things to keep in mind:

Types of Australia’s Home Coffee Makers

Before you buy, consider what sort of coffee you and your family enjoy drinking. The most popular options for Aussies are:

  • Single-serve pod
  • An automatic drip system or filter coffee maker
  • Grind and brew
  • Combination coffee maker

A grind and brew machine allows you to grind fresh coffee beans. And you will certainly appreciate the freshness of the flavour. Coffee makers that use ground beans are typically less expensive and can produce delicious results. Though manual espresso machines take some practice to use compared to pricier automated designs.

A more stylish choice and much better when catering for a large family is a filter coffee maker or an automatic drip system. If you like your cup of Joe black and strong, then a filter or drip coffee maker is most likely to cater to your taste. However, these machines take a little longer to prepare your coffee and that’s because they work by dripping water through the ground beans.

Single-serve pod coffee makers provide mess-free extraction. This machine allows you to make a delicious cup of coffee without having to worry about a grinder or measuring out coffee. A quality pod machine can deliver you espresso in just 25 seconds. Single-serve pod coffee makers are quite affordable. But, you have to keep in mind that you will be buying pods regularly.

If you like cappuccino or latte, then you need to find a coffee maker that is equipped with an automatic or integrated milk frother. A coffee maker with these features will definitely have a higher price tag but it will heat and froth the milk for you.

A cup of coffee can give you an energised morning, especially one from a home coffee maker

Choose Coffee Maker Features that Work for You

Knowing which home coffee machine in Australia option is best for your needs isn’t enough. You must also choose coffee maker features that meet your specific requirements.

Brewing Capacity

You want to choose a coffee maker with the ideal brewing capacity for your home. Also, keep in mind that brewing capacity depends on the type of machine you’ve got. Automatic drip systems tend to have some of the largest brewing capacities of up to 14 cups or 3.3 litres. Most models present the brewing capacity in the product name, such as 14-cup or 14-ounce brew size.

Manual Vs Automatic Coffee Makers

It’s extremely important to know the difference between a manual and automatic coffee machine, especially for espresso lovers.

Traditional manual coffee makers are more challenging to use and take more practice to master them. Automatic machines are much more convenient and easier to use. While on ease of use, you should know that automatic machines tend to be more suitable for seniors aging in place.

Which is better tasting? According to research and online forums, experts in coffee extraction suggest that manual machines deliver better-tasting brew. This is mainly attributed to the freshness of the beans and the control you have over the coffee machine.

Latest Trends

Let’s just say technology has transformed the coffee machine industry. Nowadays, we’ve got all kinds of trends in the design, operation, and performance of these machines.

The latest combination coffee makers feature cold brew modes, coffee grinders, and built-in frothers all in the same machine. Some combination models have specialty coffee modes and brew over ice for preparing iced coffee and latte.

Did you know you can find dedicated cold-brew machines on the market? They decrease the acidity level of your brew by soaking the coffee with ice drops. You can also use dedicated cold-brew coffee makers to make tea.

Some coffee machines have upped the game with advanced features like a self-clean cycle, brew-strength control, and self-serve. Not only are they easy to use but also stress-free to clean and maintain. 

Caffeine content in coffee beans which are sometimes used in a home coffee maker

Wrapping Up!

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind when weighing out your home coffee machine Australia choices before making your final buying decision. These tips will go a long way in helping you select the best quality coffee maker for your home.

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