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5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Hand Mixer

In this busy world, convenience in your kitchen is necessary to save time and prepare delicious meals, and an electric hand mixer has a vital part to play. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying one.

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An electric hand mixer is a portable device that enables you to mix ingredients properly, as well as performing other useful tasks. The two beaters on this handy kitchen appliance are easily detachable, and easy to clean. When time is of the essence, nothing matches an electric hand mixer in your kitchen. It mixes, whips, creams, folds, and mashes ingredients within the shortest time possible. If savoury or sweet, any recipe may benefit from using a hand mixer to get the desired texture.

Here are the top five reasons why you should buy an electric hand mixer.

1. It Mixes

Mixing is among the most standard preparations, and an electric hand mixer is a perfect tool for the task. The process entails blending two or more ingredients to form a uniform product. Baked items may be made with the desired volume and texture by incorporating air into the dough during the mixing process. Because of their design and performance, the electric hand mixers by Kenwood are among the best ones on the market: they are stylish, powerful and efficient.

2. An Electric Hand Mixer Creams

The first step in any cookie or cake recipe is usually creaming sugar and eggs or sugar and butter to make the base of the dough. The creaming technique is not easy to master by hand and that is why you should save yourself the trouble and use an electric mixer. Mixing butter or fat with sugar on a low to medium power results in a light and airy mixture free of lumps in just a matter of minutes.

3. It Whips

Whipping is a method of incorporating air into wet ingredients by stirring using a wire whisk. The process lets you achieve the desired density and fluffiness of the ingredients. This is the standard procedure for beating eggs into meringues for example. An electric hand mixer makes fluffy baked goods like layer cakes and even savoury baked dishes, like quiches.

Quiche is often made using an electric hand mixer
Photo by Sergio Arze on Unsplash

4. An Electric Hand Mixer Also Folds

Some baking recipes, like cheesecake for example, require to fold a light, airy ingredient like whipped egg whites and sugar into a thicker mixture. Drying out components like almonds, chocolate, or flour create a denser, heavier combination that works similarly. You can use your electric mixer to do this but avoid over-mixing, which might deflate the air necessary for optimum baking- always folding the two kinds of mixes together lightly and with minimal strokes. Set the hand mixer on low speed to gently fold the two mixtures without deflating the air pockets.

5. It Mashes

Did you know you can use your electric hand mixer to mash too? With a crushing and beating action, an electric hand mixer can help you make avocado cream for toast, mashed potatoes and much more. The greatest comfort dish, twice-baked potatoes, may have soft and crunchy textures achieved using this method.

Egg and smashed avocado on toast
Photo by Jane Doan on Pexels

If you own an electric hand mixer but only use it for mixing, you may still get your money’s worth by using it for all of these other great things!

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