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PRODUCT REVIEW: Gummee Glove and Molar Mallet

Is there anything worse than a teething baby? Really?

All that dribble, those sore hands they seem to be intent on shoving down their throats and the sopping wet clothes. Oh and the fact they’re probably in a considerable amount of pain. Should that have been first on my list?

We’ve all rushed out to buy various sorts of teething toys, only to be frustrated when we find our baby drops it the second you hand it to them. And I’m guessing not many mummies have the time to hold it in their child’s mouth for hours on end. Well not this mummy, anyway.

That’s when investing in a Gummee Glove may just save your poor teething baby’s hands and gums – as well as your sanity.

It’s a material glove which fits onto your baby’s hands, and is secured with a Velcro wristband which can be adjusted to fit the wrist. It’s designed for those aged 3 to 6 months who want to chew on something to ease their gums, but aren’t yet skilled enough to hold onto a more traditional teething toy – no more picking teethers up off the floor or watching them be thrown out of pushchairs.


On the top it has a detachable heart-shaped silicone teething ring which sits nicely in a little pocket within the glove, held in place with a popper, so you can use this separately if you like. This also makes it ideal for sticking in the fridge to cool it when things get really bad! The mitten also has two colourful silicone tabs on either side to chew on.  


My two were already seven months when I gave them the Gummee Glove so were able to hold their own toys to their mouths. With no teeth as yet (but a shedload of dribble), they were still keen to get their gums round the silicone tabs and heart teething ring – both in and out of the glove. We had the Gummee Glove Plus which is designed for babies aged between six and 12 months with a longer cuff and thicker side teethers. Both gloves come with a handy machine-washable bag.


We also tried out Gummee’s ‘pick and mix’ teethers which were colourful silicone star, butterfly and glove shapes, along with link teethers to join them all together or hook them onto a buggy or even shopping trolley when you need to. My two loved these as much as the silicone bits on the actual glove.


Gummee also do a ‘molar mallet’ teether which is specifically designed for when those nasty back teeth start making an appearance (I’m dreading that day). It has a genius ‘wobble base’ which means when it falls to the ground the weight and shape of the base ensures the mouth end of the teether doesn’t touch the floor. If you’re of a certain age, think ‘Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”. I may well have lost half of you with that 1970s link…


They are designed for babies aged 12 months plus, but me being me, let my twins loose on it – and they were fascinated. Obviously it went straight into their mouths, and even though it wasn’t doing anything for their non-existent molars, it was clearly pretty tasty! I’m definitely going to make sure I hold onto this for when those horrible back teeth are on the move.

Gummee shot even further up in my estimation when I found out they are based in a little corner of Cornwall – less than half an hour from my house!

The company is certainly onto something with their colourful, attractive and clever products – did I mention they’re also award-winning? And even though my twins didn’t particularly need to wear the actual glove, they enjoyed using the teethers on it – and I can see how this is a fabulous idea for younger babies. They definitely loved the ‘molar mallet’ – so now I have to manage not to lose it!

Find the whole range of Gummee products at www.gummee.life


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